How to Get Free Consumer Advocate Help

Troubleshooter Tom Martino

If you’re like many consumers, you’ve likely experienced less than ethical business practices. As a consumer, you have a few outlets like filling a BBB complaint, or a complaint with your state Attorney General, however, neither seem to be great options.

Guess what? We’ve got some great news. There’s a consumer advocate who is based in Colorado, host a national audience, and provides FREE consumer help. His name is Tom Martino. He’s been in the business since the 70’s and has been featured on radio, television and print alike. His program, The Troubleshooter Show has helped saved consumers hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, merchandise, and exchanges since the inception of this program. The Tom Martino Troubleshooter Show is live┬áMon-Fri from 10 am – 1 pm.

How do you connect with The Troubleshooter Show?

If you’re in Colorado you can catch the Troubleshooter Tom Martino show on 630KHOW. If you’re in Colorado Springs you can listen in on KRDO or anywhere around the World on iHeart Media.

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